Упражнения для закрепления

Упражнение 1.  Вставьте предлог, где это необходимо.

  1. Look _ the world through rose-coloured glasses. 2. Prisoners cannot talk or look _ while working or eating. 3. Look _ before you cross the street. 4. The past is past. Let us look _. 5. Look through the document and make amendments. 6. I will look _ her child when she is on a business trip. 7. Look _ a bus with a number six on the front of it. 8. We look _, our future. 9. I’ll try to look him _, ask him a few questions. 10.  You should never look _ _ poor people. 11. Adults often look _ on their childhood as agolden age.

Упражнение 2.  Вставьте предлог, где это необходимо.

  1.  I always look _ getting home to my wife and children. 2. The cake was decorated to look _ a car. 3. With so much work to do, I have no time to look _ tonight. 4.  If  you look _ while something happens, you watch it happening without taking part yourself. 5. Many people have to look _ the meaning of this word in the dictionary. 6.  Don’t look _! You’ll get dizzy. 7. Look _, he’s got a gun! 8. Let me look _ my schedule. 9. Look _ my eyes, you will see what you mean to me. 10. We look _ you for support.

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